Sindalah Island is an exclusive experience for our cruisers on the Red Sea. Your trip will include a variety of activities and sites that you can visit, and you will have time to relax, unwind and enjoy the picturesque landscapes

Reception Center

We will welcome you at the island’s guest center, where you can discover the facilities and prepare for your next destination after relaxing and enjoying a refreshing drink.


Savour the delicious dishes prepared by our chefs at the Michelin-starred restaurants as you enjoy the magical sunset on Sindalah Beach.

Royal Cabanas

The island includes a group of royal cabins that provide you with privacy and facilities for a luxurious vacation.

Live Entertainment Shows

The entertainment experience at Sindalah is complemented by a variety of live shows from local and international talents.

The Beach House and Club

To enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the charming Red Sea islands, we have prepared our beach house to welcome you. You can relax in the indoor or outdoor areas overlooking the beach, enjoy the sea breeze, or swim and lounge under the Red Sea sun.

Water Activities

Your Sindalah experience includes several water activities around the island.

The Bazar

You can enjoy shopping for unique souvenirs at The Bazar.

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